The nation's safest, most effective system
for whole-horse rehab and conditioning

The AquaStride system at Tucson Equestrian Center makes horse hydrotherapy (water therapy) safer and more effective than ever before. Based on European technology and refined by Arizona's famed horse healer Linda Colica, AquaStride works fast to heal horse leg injuries and other musculoskeletal problems—even foundering, and laminitis-related foot injuries—for proven rehabilitation and ultimate conditioning.

THE Way Forward


AquaStride equine hydrotherapy (water therapy), exclusively at Tucson Equestrian Center, has been scientifically proven to reduce down time for rodeo, roping, barrel, dressage and other performance horses—without drugs. It hastens healing, rehabilitates and conditions horses, and safely treats and helps prevent a surprisingly wide range of conditions


Owner of Tucson Equestrian Center and designer of the AquaStride Equine Hydrotherapy (water therapy), Linda is a 10th-generation Texas rancher. She grew up with horses, learning from her grandfather—a lifelong horseman steeped in the Nez Perce tradition--to understand, assess, train and heal them.

By the Numbers

1500+ horses treated, 1500+ recoveries from lameness, 200+ horses saved from "the pink stuff" (euthanasia), 20+ performance horses treated who quickly went on to win major awards, 10 years of safe, effective AquaStride rehab/conditioning at Tucson Equestrian Center,
0 accidents, drownings or on-site injuries.

Problems Solved

AquaStride's chilled waters reduce inflammation. Its withers-high depth (5') supports up to 60% of horses' body weight, providing much-needed exercise without further harm to injured tissue. Water resistance rebuilds muscle and flexibility. Dual micro-filters and UV lights keep the healing waters sanitized, and the latter makes the pool act as a giant hyperbaric chamber, which helps vanquish skin problems.

"I have been swimming my horses for years, but in just one week of the AquaStride daily regimen
I noticed a clear difference in Babyflo's disposition and conformation, and we got our edge back!"

Fallon Taylor, April 2012