AquaStride champions

AquaStride hydrotherapy has been key to the rehab, conditioning and extended careers
of dozens of performance horses. Here are just a few:

Annie Oakley, Cesar de la Cruz's $50,000+-winning "barefoot beauty,"

once suffered from foot and leg injuries from an over-corrective shoe job. Annie's right front foot naturally turns out, so farriers had tried to change the way that foot landed, creating more stress on the leg joints. AquaStride owner Linda Colica convinced de la Cruz to let her remove Annie's padded, over-corrective shoes, then led the horse into the Aquastride pool for pain relief, rehab--and what you might call a restorative pedicure. "The bottom of the pool is textured, sort of like an emery board," Linda says. "As Annie exercised and healed in the pool, she naturally wore down the parts of her hoof that needed to be shorter." The foot began landing the way nature intended. De la Cruz has kept the little mare barefoot ever since. "She can still really, really run," he says. She's one of the fastest horses I've ever been able to ride."

"Babyflo,"a.k.a. Flos Heiress (the WPRA's 2013 Horse of the Year, and 2014 NFR World Champion)

spent quality conditioning time in the AquaStride pool. Her owner Fallon Taylor says, "I have been swimming my horses for years, but in just one week of the AquaStride daily regimen I noticed a clear difference in Babyflo's disposition and conformation, and we got our edge back!"

Big Brown,(registered as "Monday's Buddy"), carried young Lake Mehalic

to the WPRA Junior World Rodeo Championship in 2009. Later, the horse (Lake's "favorite mount") tore ligaments in both of his front legs. "He's an awesome horse," Lake says. "I didn't want to risk further injuries." So the Mehalic family took him to the Tucson Equestrian Center for AquaStride therapy. "Now he's in fantastic shape," Lake reports. "I expected (the hydrotherapy) to help with his legs, but it also helped with his lungs, his back, his muscle development and everything else."

Johnny Ringo, the horse Cesar de la Cruz says he owes for "everything

I have and everything my family has," seemed to be on his last legs at the 2009 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. "He had sore feet and sore knees and just seemed to be kind of an old, wore-out rope horse," Cesar says. "Because his feet were sore, I couldn't hardly exercise him, so it was hard to keep muscle mass on him." But things turned around for Johnny once Cesar brought him to Tucson Equestrian Center for AquaStride hydrotherapy. After shoe removal and a year of rehab and reconditioning, Johnny was so sound, his long-time vet asked, "What horse is this?" Now 17, Johnny holds the unbroken record for fastest heeler at the George Strait Arena and is still fiercely competing--spending time between competitions at the Tucson Equestrian Center.

RU Drifting Joe, a.k.a. "Stripper," NFR veteran and 4th-place finisher,

spent 30 days training and conditioning in the AquaStride pool after veterinary treatment for suspensory ligament injuries.

Sonia,the 2014 Buckeye Rodeo Big Barrel Futurity champion

went through AquaStride training and conditioning prior to that big win. Immediately after, Sonia's owner/trainer/rider Kati Jundt texted us, "Thanks for all your help! I would like to bring her back in December…to kick off the New Year."

Barrel horse Stella won a world title at the American Paint Horse Show in October 2014,

then went on to place a week later at the GCRPA rodeo--both immediately after AquaStride conditioning. Stella's owner Christi Leo-Edenholm says, "I can't say enough great things about (AquaStride). I love that the horses can touch the bottom and go at the pace that's comfortable for them. I encourage anyone who needs a horse rehabilitated or just kept in shape to bring them here. AMAZING facility with AMAZING people!"

Platinum PI is just one of the champion horses (deletion) that barrel racer/futurity trainer

Jenna Cadwallader has sent to Tucson Equestrian Center for AquaStride conditioning. “I'm a firm believer in the AquaStride pool and have sent Platinum PI and several other horses (there)," Jenna says. "I am always amazed at the excellent condition in which they return!"

"Linda Colica and the AquaStride system helped save my champion horses Johnny Ringo and Annie Oakley after vets said they were done for.
Both came back to win multiple titles after AquaStride rehab."

Cesar de la Cruz, 9-time NFR qualifier