"Ghost" horses

These are the horses that owners and vets have given up on, either recommending them for euthanasia and/or listing them online for rescue. AquaStride owner/designer Linda Colica has found and rehabbed many such "rescue" horses, focusing on those she could tell had potential for sound, healthy futures. Here are a few of these "ghost" horses' histories:

"Der Funky Shoes"
This Grand Prix horse (nicknamed here to avoid embarrassing his past owners) was once valued at six figures.

But a funky shoe job had made him severely lame. After traditional rehab failed, he was listed for rescue online. Linda brought him to AquaStride for rehab. Four months later, he was joyfully running and jumping again--and continues to do so for his new owners.

"Pedi Cure"
This 12-year-old rescue horse came to Tucson Equestrian Center with apparent arthritis. After a sane hoof trim (customized to his unique feet) and 3 weeks

of AquaStride workouts, he was completely sound again. He's now a healthy, apparently happy, productive ranch horse.

Now one of Tucson Equestrian Center's most beloved lesson horses, Teddy first came to us "dead lame" (i.e., recommended for euthanasia).

After 3 months of AquaStride rehab (and most likely years of crippling pain), he's a 100% sound, cooperative mount, energetic but gentle enough for beginners.

So lame, he came to us via a late-night transfer in a Cracker Barrel parking lot (to spare embarrassment to the high-end training facility

where he once lived and worked). After just 3 months of AquaStride therapy, this handsome, healthy rope horse is now owned and loved by one of our long-term clients, who rides him three times a week.

"In 2009, Johnny Ringo had sore feet and bad legs and looked like an old, wore-out rope horse.
Some people said he was ready for the pink stuff. I took him to AquaStride therapy.
Now he's 17 and still competing--and he gets more excited than I do."

Cesar de la Cruz, November 2014