AquaStride reviews: Horse owners speak

For 10+ years, caring owners have brought their horses--more than 1500 of them--to Linda Colica at Tucson Equestrian Center for the uniquely effective, ultra-safe rehab and conditioning offered by the AquaStride system. Here are their stories.

"I'm a firm believer in the AquaStride pool and have sent Platinum PI and several other horses (there).
I am always amazed at the excellent condition in which they return!"

-Jenna Cadwallader, Sky Performance Horses

"Everything I've got, everything my family's got, is because of my horse (Johnny Ringo)...In 2009, he had sore feet and bad knees
and was just kind of an old, wore-out rope horse. (Now, after a year of AquaStride rehabilitation and conditioning) he gets so excited to go to the rodeos...more excited than I do. I can't thank Miss Linda enough...If not for her, I wouldn't be able to ride this horse. "

-Cesar de la Cruz, 9-time NFR roping qualifier

"Annie Oakley is one of the fastest horses I've been able to ride. But in 2011 she was three-legged lame. After AquaStride
and farrier treatment, she came back so sound that I won Cheyenne Frontier Days on her that summer."

-Cesar de la Cruz, 9-time NFR roping qualifier

"My horse spent some time at Tucson Equestrian Center and AquaStride for a rear suspensory strain. Ultrasound showed complete healing. This therapy is amazing. And the horses can touch bottom at all times. AMAZING"
-Carole Haney

"Sonia did great this weekend (at the 2014 Buckeye Rodeo Big Barrel Futurity)! Thanks for all your help! I would like to bring her back in December…to kick off the New Year."
-Kati Jundt

I can't say enough great things about (AquaStride). I love that the horses can touch the bottom
and go at the pace that's comfortable for them. I encourage anyone who needs a horse rehabilitated or just kept in shape to bring them here.
AMAZING facility with AMAZING people!

-Christi Leo-Edenholm, owner of Stella, APHA world titleist

My favorite mount Big Brown had torn ligaments in both front legs. I didn't want to risk further injury. We took him for AquaStride therapy.
Now he's in fantastic shape. I expected it to help with his legs, but it also helped with his lungs, his back, his muscle development (and) everything else.

-Lake Mehalic, 2009 WPRA Junior World Champion

I want to thank Linda and her staff for all the work they do for horses in their charge. Every horse is treated as an individual as they get them into top competitive shape using the AquaStride system. Looking forward to running Tuffy next year and knowing that he was treated with the best care at Tucson Equestrian Center.
-Zenaida Aros Olivar, 1D barrel racer (and Cesar de la Cruz's Mom)

For 10 years, our horse Bandit had refused to move faster than a walk. When even that seemed to become difficult for him, we brought him to Linda Colica for treatment. We heard about Linda from (Dream Horse web site). Bandit was examined by both Linda and Dr. Phil Ratliff, both of whom spotted a knot on his backbone that no vet had ever noticed. Watching him in the AquaStride pool, it was clear that Bandit was favoring his right rear leg. After 6 weeks on the AquaStride regimen, Linda called us and said, 'I hope you don't mind, but Bandit is not only trotting now, he's running, jumping and even bucking!' Bandit is a whole new horse! We are overjoyed that he is pain-free after what must have been 10 terrible years.
Brian and Michele Rucker

Yes, yes, yes for Tucson Equestrian Center. Linda Colica will do wonders for your horse.
Rowdy could hardly walk when I brought him there (for AquaStride therapy). Within 2 months he was back to running. I strongly recommend to anyone that is doing competitive events to bring your horse to Tucson Equestrian Center. The facility is incredibly clean and the Aquastride pool is kept in tip-top shape. What a treat to pamper your horse at this great facility.

Jay Woehlck