Scientifically structured for whole-horse rehab,
conditioning and confidence

AquaStride equine hydrotherapy (water therapy), exclusively at Tucson Equestrian Center, has been scientifically proven to reduce down time for rodeo, roping, barrel, dressage and other performance horses—without drugs. It hastens healing, rehabilitates and conditions horses, and safely treats and helps prevent a surprisingly wide range of conditions, including:

•Back injuries and soreness
•Fetlock injuries
•Fused joints
•Gaskin injuries
•Hock injuries
•Hoof injuries
•Hoof growth problems

If your horse is in the beginning stages of foundering or laminitis, the quicker you can get your horse into our treatment program, the better percentages that we have of stopping the process. Please call immediately 520-349-3455.

What about safety?

Uniquely among equine hydrotherapy systems, AquaStride has a 10-year unblemished—and unmatched—safety record.

The Horses’ Experience.

The AquaStride pool was designed with horses' perspective in mind: completely outdoors with a 360° view of the usually blue Tucson sky. Walking withers-deep in the pool seems as natural as crossing a mountain stream.

Who thought this up?

The AquaStride system is based on extensive studies by leading UK equine physiologist Dr. David Marlin (author of “Equine Exercise Physiology”) and refined by acclaimed Arizona horse healer Linda Colica.