Scientifically structured for whole-horse rehab,
conditioning and confidence

AquaStride equine hydrotherapy (horse water therapy), exclusively at Tucson Equestrian Center, has been scientifically proven to reduce down time for rodeo, roping, barrel, dressage and other performance horses—without drugs. It hastens healing, rehabilitates and conditions horses, and safely treats and helps prevent a surprisingly wide range of conditions, including:

•Back injuries and soreness
•Fetlock injuries
•Fused joints
•Gaskin injuries
•Hock injuries
•Hoof injuries
•Hoof growth problems
•Leg injuries
•Ligament tears and other injuries
•Muscle atrophy
•Muscle soreness
•Neck injuries
•Poll injuries
•Stifle injuries
•Suspensory injuries
•Neck injuries
•Skin conditions (e.g., fungi and cellulitis)
•Tendon injuries (bows)
•White line disease