So how does AquaStride work?

Uniquely among horse hydrotherapy systems, AquaStride specifically supports horse anatomy, biochemistry, temperament and safety.
For example:

The withers-high AquaStride pool keeps horses safely on their feet as they stretch and strengthen their muscles walking against the water.

The water supports up to 60% of a horse’s body weight, so they can safely lift, stretch and extend their abductor and adductor muscles in ways they can’t do out of water.

The 8’ wide x 150’ long straight-line design allows horses to walk straight ahead, preventing one-sided strains.

Ultraviolet lights oxidize the water, creating a hyperbaric chamber to help heal injuries and regenerate tissue while naturally sanitizing the pool.

Cold water promotes healing by minimizing swelling and increasing blood circulation. This is critical in the care and treatment of foundering and injected hocks.