The Horses’ Experience.

The AquaStride pool was designed with horses' perspective in mind: completely outdoors with a 360° view of the usually blue Tucson sky. Walking withers-deep in the pool seems as natural as crossing a mountain stream.

At first, some horses may look suspiciously at the entry set between two concrete walls to focus their gaze forward onto the blue pool. Also, some may pause upon first seeing the water, not sure how deep it is. But with every AquaStride session, almost all tend to gain confidence and capability. Here’s why:

Shallow, textured, rounded-edge steps provide firm footing into the slip-proof pool.* Some horses surge down the middle, others stay close to the walls.
The soothing water calms horses and reduces anxiety.

As the horses become accustomed to the pool, they learn to accept and even appear to enjoy their AquaStride sessions.

As a bonus, entering and leaving the pool between brief walls helps the horses learn to enter and leave trailers calmly.