Remarkable results

AquaStride's chilled waters reduce inflammation. Its withers-high depth (5') supports up to 60% of horses' body weight, providing much-needed exercise without further harm to injured tissue. Water resistance rebuilds muscle and flexibility. Dual micro-filters and UV lights keep the healing waters sanitized, and the latter makes the pool act as a giant hyperbaric chamber, which helps vanquish skin problems.

These combined effects have been repeatedly proven to help improve and correct:

     •Foundering and Laminitis
     •Back injuries and soreness
     •Fetlock injuries

•Fused joints
•Gaskin injuries
•Hock injuries
•Hoof injuries
•Hoof growth problems
•Leg injuries
•Ligament tears and other injuries
•Muscle atrophy
•Muscle soreness
•Neck injuries
•Poll injuries
•Stifle injuries
•Suspensory injuries
•Neck injuries
•Skin conditions (e.g., fungi and cellulitis)
•Tendon injuries (bows)
•White line disease